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The Art of Photography :: Off Camera

Dec 16, 2019

One year later, we've seen Canon, Nikon and Panasonic all release new mirrorless systems - from the ground up. How did they do? Can we possibly launch more product into the world? Lets talk about that…

The Art of Photography :: Off Camera is a podcast from Ted Forbes (The Art of Photography YouTube Channel) and Jaron Schneider (Petapixel, Broader Focus).

On this podcast, we discuss photography in a broader scope. We talk about the art that we make and the tools we use to get that done. New episodes every Sunday.

Ted Forbes is a photographer and filmmaker known best for his YouTube channel, The Art of Photography.

Jaron Schneider is a photographer and journalist. You can find his work at PetaPixel and his YouTube channel, Broader Focus.

Questions and comments can be directed to us on Twitter
Ted Forbes
Jaron Schneider