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The Art of Photography :: Off Camera

Jun 11, 2019

So your favorite camera company has just released its latest and greatest camera or lens. All the YouTubers and websites are there to cover the action. What a bunch of fools. They're all given amazing food and hotels - the drinks flow. Its just a big vacation right for a bunch of people who have YouTube channels right? Lets clarify a few things ;-)

The Art of Photography :: Off Camera is a podcast from Ted Forbes (The Art of Photography YouTube Channel) and Jaron Schneider (Imaging Resource, Broader Focus).

On this podcast, we discuss photography in a broader scope. We talk about the art that we make and the tools we use to get that done. New episodes every Sunday.

Ted Forbes is a photographer and filmmaker known best for his YouTube channel, The Art of Photography.

Jaron Schneider is a photographer and journalist. You can find his work at Imaging Resource and his YouTube channel, Broader Focus.

Questions and comments can be directed to us on Twitter
Ted Forbes
Jaron Schneider